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 Staff Applications(Please Read)

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PostSubject: Staff Applications(Please Read)   Fri Sep 09, 2011 6:18 pm

Okay, this will be the way you make your application. Any other way, we may find it to complicated to look at.. Be sure to take out my quotes though all you people who would forget to...

Key-"Your Key of course"
Game Name-"The game you want GM on."
Past GM experience-"All your past GM experience."
Why you want to be GM-"Your reason for applying."
What you want to do once GM-"Of course common sense for this."
Your idea of what being a GM means-"Your explanation of what the job would detail."
Closing Comments-"Any comments you wish to add"

Please remember that we WILL get around to reading any application; but we would prefer you use this design for it. Also, please use proper grammar in your post.
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Staff Applications(Please Read)
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