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My Homepage!

The Universe Hosting

TU(The Universe); has a new better providing system with cheap prices!(No more free ):)

1 Hour FREE hosting trial session(to see if you like our server), once that is done, the server goes down, you will have another hour to think about it and give us feedback and such. If you don't like/want us, everything is deleted(Player saves, hosting files, etc) since you won't need us in the future(Or not). If you do like us, here's our prices:

Server Specs; Quad Core 4GHZ Processor 8 gigs of Ram 100mbps Uplink

Bronze Hosting: $8(1Port) Monthly
Sliver Hosting: $14(2Ports) Monthly
Gold Hosting: $18(Unlimited Ports) Monthly

If you wish to customize or recieve your own Server, please give us an Email at: UniverseHosting@gmail.com and we will reply right back to you ASAP!, Thank You!


Money Back Guarantee: If not completely satisfied within 24
hours, all funds will be

Complaints, etc: If complaint is filed after 24 hours, 1st
week's payment cannot be refunded, but
anything after will be. (IE: paid for 1 month and not satisfied
after 24 hour window is
closed, refund will be in the amount of $4 keeping the $2 first
week fee. The server can
remain up for the remainder of the week.)


Access to Shell Server/Panel? - Yes.

Server Portions -

Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Disk Space
512mb of RAM
1 Game server

Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Disk Space
1gb of RAM
2 Game servers

Unlimited Bandwith
Unlimited Diskspace
1536mb of RAM(Aprox 1.5gb)
Unlimited Game Servers

Operating System - Debian 5 32-Bit

Any more, please contact the staff!
~TU Hosting.

Copyright © 2011 by Matt