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 Developer Application for Naruto VS

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PostSubject: Developer Application for Naruto VS   Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:20 pm

Ok, so first off, my name. I'm Narutorox. I'm also known as Narutorox123456 and my friends call me Rox. So far, I have been with Byond for about 5 years, and have been a developer for 3 years now. I started by studying simple source code off the internet, and have learned coding, iconning, mapping, interfacing, spriting (cutting out sprites quickly), Sprite Edits (Editing original sprites so it becomes a different character.), and GFX (Titles, Character Selects, etc. with Photoshop CS5)

Once you read this, if there's anything you would wish to ask me, please add my email: josephb1996@hotmail (dot) com

Also I do this completely free, so no there's need to pay me. I'm 15 at the moment, and I'm going to be 16 in October of 2012, so this means I won't be overloaded as much as I was this year, being that I'm going into Junior year of HS, which means less overloads!

Now that you know a little about me, here's my actual application:

Key- Narutorox123456

Game Name- Narutorox

Past GM experience- I haven't been "GM" on most games, however, I have created some games. Examples are below the application.

Why you want to be GM- I was working on this game called "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Byond", and when I saw this game, I thought I should merge the two. To put it in simple words, I wanted to use my concept for storylines and my current coding for sound systems, attack combos, air dashing, etc. and place it in this game to develop it further, as well as making some more stuff.

What you want to do once GM- I want to be able to further develop this game, so that it will be able to reach Beta, then Version 1 much quicker, as well as make this one of the best games on Byond.

Your idea of what being a GM means- My idea of being part of the staff can be long to read, just a little warning. To me, it means doing your job correctly. This meaning either be productively working on the game to develop it to new updates on what you are assigned to do, or to be online in the game as frequent as you can to make sure people are following rules, help people out, etc. I also believe it is going above and "Byond" the expectations you have been given, and make the game much better than it is at the current moment, as well as placing trust into all staff members.

Closing Comments- Below are examples of games I made and Youtube videos on them. Enjoy!

Youtube Videos:

Type in the url of youtube and add in the watch?v links after it!

Some Beta Footage of games I have made:

Dick Gumshoe: Ace Detective Final Scene:

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Byond Trailer:

Example Games (Hosting Files):

The Legend Of Zelda RPG Version 11:
sendspace (dot) com/file/pdwkym

Dick Gumshoe: Ace Detective Beginning Beta:
mediafire (dot) com/?966zi6r4gs9m4li

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Byond Demo 6 (Unfinished):
mediafire (dot) com/?4c4d39aq4fme793
(Use A and D for supports 1 and 2!)

Note: Storm2Byond Demo 6 is unfinished, so some of Past Sasuke's animations are not finished, as well as the fact that I am replacing my sprite edits for Ninja Council 3 graphics because they look better. Oh yeah, free NinjaNaruto font with the demo, because you may want to use it for your game.
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Developer Application for Naruto VS
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