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 Updates NVS1

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PostSubject: Updates NVS1   Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:33 am

9/11/2011; v1.5

- Neji: 64 Palms Nerfed
- Interface Fixed
- Termari(Pre-Shippuden) - Nerfed
- 3 New Maps: The Uchiha District, Hot Springs, The Railway
- 5 New Character's: Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke Shippuden, Pre-Shippuden Kakashi, Deidara and Shippuden Neji(More will be added in future versions or when I get to it Very Happy
- New jutsu's
- Event system(Village vs Village) <-- Still being worked on!
- Itachi: Tsukiyomi Nerfed
- Kisame: Attacking & special's boosted
- Sakura: Attacking & special's boosted
- Fixed Logout glitch(Error in the "Welcome to Naruto VS V1!")
- Ranks added: Chuunin, ANBU, Jounin, Kages(for Leaf, Sand, Mist, Rock, etc.)
- Fixed Pre-Shippuden Naruto attacking states
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Updates NVS1
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